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Free Domain Name Ideas

Those stinkin' domain squatters, right? Surely, most of us at least once wanted to register a domain that was, by some unfortunate coincidence, perhaps just months before registered by somebody else, parked to serve useless Sedo or similar ads. Of course, that registration only expired years after we had settled for an alternative...

Here are a couple of hints and ideas that may help you devise a powerful domain name.

A good domain name (and hence brand name) must be:

If possible, avoid hyphenation, but never ever use more than one hyphen (one hyphen is OK; even two are, but only in punycode).

Don't use overly general and broad phrases. Avoid trademarks and other-marks already developed by others.

If the name you want has been already taken and is not actively used, only parked (!), then you can prepend or append one of the following prefixes/suffixes to your desired domain name:

Surely, there are more, but these are enough. If you know of an ingenious prefix/suffix to add, please don't hesitate to drop a line through the contact form.

Be creative!