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Graveyard of Free Domain Names

As detailed in Is Free Domain Bad? article, free domains are sometimes less reliable.

The domain owner may, at any time, decide to not allow new sub-registrations, with active sub-domains shut off as they expire, or she may instantly shut the service off altogether, selling the short domain name to a higher bidder, or something else, all of which results in you eventually losing your subdomain you have been so eagerly promoting all around. Unfortunately, this happens.

Here is a list of free domain providers that for various reasons didn't pass the rough test of time:

To ensure your (sub)domain lives for as long as YOU want it to, register a real, paid-for domain, or else pick a reliable free domain registrar from our free domains list. More-or-less reliable registrars are marked with a green checkmark in the Age column, meaning they are at least five successive years in service. We recommend one of those!