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Privacy Policy

Updated: 2012-02-07

The only time you share personally identifiable information on this site is when you post a review/comment, or when you use the contact form. The personal information required of you is your e-mail address, all other personal fields (name, location, website) are optional and provided at your sole discretion.

When you write a review/comment, or when you use the contact form, your IP address is logged on our servers. At no time will any of your personally identifiable information be sold, shared, or revealed to third party, unless with your permission or so required by law.

By writing a review/comment, or by using the contact form, you agree to having the content of your message reviewed and conditionally approved by a moderator. You agree that the content of your message, if posted as a review/comment, becomes public information and may thus be used unrestrictedly.

Regardless of the approval state of your review/comment, you as the author are, and remain, the sole owner responsible for the content of your message.

This web site puts on your computer small text files called cookies. The information in these cookies helps us improve the user experience and anonymously track you, meaning we remember you from visit to visit, but you still remain anonymous. This site may put third party cookies on your computer for similar anonymous tracking purposes (e.g. Google Analytics, Google AdSense).

Finally, Google requires us to inform you that in addition to the above, Google's privacy terms are in effect with your usage of this website.