Domain vs. Subdomain: Good or bad, the difference

You will hear different opinions on the web regarding why it is better to have your own domain name. But from a search engine's perspective, there is very little difference in whether you serve your website from a domain or from a subdomain, especially when the latter is short and not irrelevantly keyworded!

Advantages of a free short subdomain name:

Disadvantages of free subdomains:

Feature parity with top-level domain names:

Free subdomains are best suited for:

Because of the above appealing conclusions, we use the terms like free domain and free short subdomain interchangeably throughout this website!

You get some advantages if you buy and pay for the domain name, and, on the other hand, unexpected, potentially dire consequences in some cases if you don't. If unsure, go get a free domain or a free subdomain name to kick-start your project, but if the site ever picks up sufficient steam, go spend that $10 and confidently redirect visitors to your new home.