Free Subdomain .BIZ.LY

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Our Rating 😞😞
User Rating 😐😐😐
Extra Suffixes
Free Domains
Years Active 16
Geo-targetable 🇱🇾
Is Indexed? true
Is TLD? false
Supports IDN false
Notes Demands fully-developed, interesting, quality website in English, at least 100 daily visitors, and a backlink from home page.
DNS Records A, CNAME, MX, NS
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BIZ.LY offers a good-sounding free short subdomain name. They accept only completed, well-designed websites that are of popular interest, and that receive at least 100 visitors per day. Good luck with that last part. Existing subdomains in the wild look like they don't match all of those criteria. While the free subdomain service is provided free of charge and with no ads, they "do REQUIRE a link back to BIZ.LY" to be added right on your homepage. Harsh! 😬

They also provide free hosting, but its features are limited and quotas uncompetitive. If you need hosting, better look at the recommended free hosting page.