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Free Domains 2
Years Active 18
Geo-targetable true
Is Indexed? true
Is TLD? false
Supports IDN true
Notes Domain must be manually renewed every year, and renewal of domains used for business costs $3 every following year.
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CO.CC free subdomain iswas one of the oldest free domain providers. This free domain forces no ads on your website, which means no out-of-context header or footer banner frame added to your pages. CO.CC free domain service can be set using DNS zone records, custom nameservers, or even simple URL forwarding.

Good thing about CO.CC domains is that they end in .cc and are therefore internationally geo-targetable! Using Google Search Console (former Webmaster Tools), you can target any country with this short free domain.

Up to two free domains per account were totally free forever to register for personal use (blog, forum, personal expressive page, etc.)! If you plan on running a business on your domain, you may be asked to pay $3 to renew it, though.

If you apply as a sponsor (donate at least $10), you can register 100 more free domains as well as you get a link back from their website.

If in doubt, you can use a .CO.CC, which comes with tons of help and is extraordinarily easy to manage.

As a piece of trivia, this site started out on a .CO.CC domain and ran for over three years with great reliability!

In late 2012, CO.CC service shut down for good.

No Longer Available
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What Users Are Saying

D_Man from London advises against it:

Be aware of useless support from them. Twice in a year I had my domain suspended. Each time I emailed them, they gave a different reason for the suspension. First, I was apparently hosting porn, then I was supposed to be a spammer, then serving malware etc. It took them 48 hours to reply to each email, so it was over a week before they reinstated it again. No apologies, no admission of mistake. Seriously, avoid like the plague.

But Krydos shares with us a whole different view:

Their website looks like a scam, but it actually works, and you won't even get any viruses from creating an account with them. I really hate captchas, and everything you click on their site leads to another captcha you have to fill in. Annoying, but maybe it stops a few bots. I've been using their free domain service for a few years now, and I have to say it's pretty decent.

The only real downside is Google and the antivirus companies decided (in their infinite wisdom) that any site that ends with * is automatically full of viruses and spyware and phishing scams. Your site will probably never show up on a Google search results page, and people with certain antivirus installed when clicking a link to visit your site can get popup messages claiming horrible things will happen if they continue. Really lame. Just because a few * websites are bad doesn't mean they all have to be blocked.

Rather good free domain if the internet was prejudiced against it for no real reason.