Free Subdomain .DA.RU

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Years Active 26
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Is Indexed? true
Is TLD? false
Supports IDN false
DNS Records A, CNAME, MX, NS
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DA.RU iswas one of the oldest domains once available for free. This free domain with DNS control or URL redirection will instantly give your website a dubious first impression because .ru domains are infamous online (Russian domain names always rank pretty high in cybercrime/malware rate, right after the free African domains .TK, .ML, .CF, .GA and .GQ.

DA.RU domain registration user interface is a bit advanced, but nothing a novice hacker couldn't manage. Updates to the DNS zones are instant.

Note, if you are using web redirection, DA.RU adds a small footer frame with its advertisement, but who would want to use redirection anyway. If you use nameservers, no ads are injected in your site.