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Interdots International — also known as Smartdots, Mediadots, CreatNIC, EuropNIC, HomeNIC, LavaNIC, NeuNIC, PopNIC, UnoNIC, and possibly others (by the way, "NIC" stands for domain name registry) — iswas possibly the largest free subdomain empire of its time. Since 1998, they managed to accumulate over 80 two-letter domain names on which they allow free subdomain registration with — until recently only — URL redirection, cloaking, and now full DNS management. There are reports of countless spam attacks from these subdomains, and other reports saying that the managers don't actively respond to abuse reports.

But the fact is they own quite a surface of ccTLD address space, so if you are targeting a particular country with a website in a particular language, using one of their subdomains may prove useful.

In contrast to other free domain providers popping up anew on monthly basis, Interdots have been around "since always", so their service is somewhat proven in use.

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What Users Are Saying

It is a good domain name. It also clean from virus.

This shit don't work… And site is shit!

Different strokes for different folks, apparently.