Free Subdomain .EU.ORG

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Years Active 28
Geo-targetable true
Is Indexed? true
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Supports IDN true
DNS Records NS, MX
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EU.ORG is one of the free domain pioneers, as the look-and-feel of the site from the late nineties will undoubtedly immediately tell you. The site boasts with presence since 1996!

Run by a bunch of European hackers, their free subdomain is intended for everyone who cannot afford their own domain names and are somehow affiliated with the EU, but this is not strictly enforced. The service is geared primarily towards non-profits and individuals, but small commercial sites are also accepted. Many county-code sub-subdomains are available.

EU.ORG domain registration procedure seems a little challenging at first (like something you need a tutorial for), but it's actually really straightforward and fully automated. First, you register an administrative handle (i.e. your "account"), and then you attach a domain to your handle through the online form.

Note, you can only set NS DNS records, so if you want to host a website, you need an additional resolving nameserver of your own (e.g. your hosting provider's). You need to add the new domain to it first (before configuring it on the EU.ORG side), so this is known to have issues with modern hosting providers like Cloudflare Pages.

This free domain is definitely a very reliable service, run by our knowledgeable geeky friends from the EU, who have been running the complimentary service completely free of charge. In return, they sometimes ask for generous donations that help run the free service. For instance, Spejderskolen from Denmark donated a brand new 1.2 GB hard disk and Ollivier Robert donated an Intel i486DX processor. The way the website looks, it doesn't need many resources to run, indeed! 😆

What Users Are Saying

Krishnamurti Naskar from Calcutta wrote:

Doesn't matter who run these domains or from where. I am a student of electrical engineering, and I want to run my site featuring Linux/open-source apps … I can't afford site-hosting bills.

Here are a few more odd highlights of praise:

This domain name is good for those who haven't got money … like me.

The e-mail part is a bit tedious, but it's completely free for life!

Pros: A very good domain service. I didn't have any problems with it. Cons: No TLD.

This is by far the best free domain registrar over the years. I have made a tutorial for this registrar on my site.

These domains are short and easy to remember. They are a good replacement for the top-level paid ICANN domains. We should use them instead. I've tested 3 domains on this service. All work well. I run both my website and mostly my email on this domain.

People can make one domain serve any amount of users like EU.ORG does it. Now the time of ICANN dominance is over. We shall have our freedom and free domains. We will not depend on their corporate greed like the silly slaves do!

Ummm … yeah. So, in short:

I've used this domain service for years and thanks to improvements it's now even easier and faster to register and manage domain names. They also have a WHOIS server.