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Years Active 22
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Supports IDN true
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Joshua Anderson wanted to have fun with his domain hobby. He wanted to create an environment where programmers could share domain names with one another at no cost. To provide the service to his growing list of users, he shortly had to find a way to generate an income, so he added extra services that he turned into a premium package. Nowadays with over 4,000 paying customers, the business seems to be going great for FreeDNS. This free DNS service is hugely popular, answering roughly 9 billion DNS queries per month (and remember: DNS is thoroughly cached).

As a free web user, you can create 20 hostnames per domain you own and add to the system, and you can create five free subdomains under any other domain name in the system. There are currently over 45,000 domains in the system!

You can then use these domains however you like by configuring DNS records, including as a dynamic DNS service with scripts to update the records e.g. to your computer's current IP address.

Note, you need to apply to get your domain exposed and published to Google and the applications are manually approved. This is a security measure. They also take down subdomains with malicious intents instantly.

FreeDNS is perhaps best described by Joshua himself. Their โ€ฆ

โ€ฆ members have a range of backgrounds and projects from all walks of life, from enabling hobbyists and tinkerers to reach their home network from work (and vice versa), to designers and web developers, cloud developers, bloggers, to cutting edge VC-backed startup companies, from congressional representatives to electrical co-ops, there have been manufacturing of multiple sorts, home (housing) builders, property developers, PC builders, electronics manufacturers to coffee shops, restaurants, and schools (classroom use) in US and abroad, there have been photographers, artists, entertainers, churches, and musicians/bands, robotics builders, chiropractors, realtors, insurance agents, flower shops, PC game server operators (including minecraft) โ€ฆ and many, many more.

What Users Are Saying

This service powered my first two websites over a decade ago! I can't believe the exact same domains are still available in the system. I always recommend FreeDNS to my friends.

However, Luca LeBlanc complains that he:

can never register anything with them, I get a Dynamic DNS error, saying to contact an admin, but when I do, they never respond โ€ฆ

Note, is a cooperative service where millions of domain webmasters "park" their domains for others to be used. It's a best-effort service, and related DNS problems are not completely unheard of.