Free Subdomain .CZ.CC

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User Rating 😠
Extra Suffixes
Free Domains 5
Years Active 15
Geo-targetable true
Is Indexed? true
Is TLD? false
Supports IDN true
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CZ.CC iswas younger imitator of CO.CC that quickly gained footing. "CZ" prefix implies Czech Republic, but registration is in no way limited, and their domains are accessible world-wide. Contrary to CO.CC and CO.TV, they allow free short 3-character domains, some of which are still available! You can also register free CZ.CC domains for two years in advance, which relieves you of one thing to worry about soon. Domain renewal is free, of course. Besides free domains, they offer paid SSL certificate and WHOIS privacy upgrades.

CZ.CC was the first such asset of Dominique Piatti and his dotFree group. The group later launched other free subdomain services, like UNI.ME, based on their free domain registrar script called DNSeed, mainly with the goal to expand its reach in spreding the Kelihos botnet, or so the allegations went in a Microsoft lawsuit. Later, Microsoft dropped all charges, and they joined efforts in "creating and implementing best practices in preventing abuse of free subdomains." We continually look forward to seeing how this cooperation pans out.

What Users Are Saying

Important to consider: domains are blocked on Google.

Stere0123 himself seems to have fallen for it:

So far, my experience with UNI.ME has been perfectly acceptable. Ignore any "why does google not index my site" reviews, as it clearly lists which of their domains Google does and doesn't index right on their website, and it is only a few that are indexed. I might update my review if anything gets fishy or scammy.


One month after my review was posted, 3 of my 8 domains spontaneously stopped functioning, and none of my 10 emails to the domain registry were answered. Gradually, the 5 domains that were left died off, and no matter what I do now (delete/re-register domains/my account), none of the domains will point at the proper nameservers, or budge in any way. As my support requests are not being responded to, and all 8 domains are now non-functional, I will likely be moving to another free domain registry.

The company behind bought and promised to keep it going. Surprise-surprise, they shut down without any warning, redirecting all domains to some dubious adfarm. Lesson learned: you get what you pay for, and can't be trusted.