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Suffix .free
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Free Domains 1
Years Active 13
Geo-targetable true
Is Indexed? true
Is TLD? true
Supports IDN true
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Already in 2010, during the drafting of ICANN New gTLDs policy, DotFree Group rumoured to apply for the .free TLD (preregistrations were open). Their idea was that an individual could register one domain name for free, and if the registrant wanted to register more domain names, they would need to upgrade their status to VIP … The company was supposedly even able to raise €1.25 million in 2011 for the project, including substantial revenue from its "free" CZ.CC domain service and the associated Domain Registrar Script project. Then, after the lawsuit filed by Microsoft involving the Kelihos Botnet, the whole thing with DotFree Group and .free domain quieted down …

In 2016, ICANN delegated "free" TLD string to Amazon Registry Services Inc., who in its application promised to use the .free domain name as dedicated platform for Amazon to promote innovation, provide secure online communication and interaction and to protect its intellectual property rights. To date, the website states:

Amazon Registry Services is excited to present .FREE — a new TLD. Information on the .FREE space, registration policies, and launch dates will be forthcoming.

Let's keep our hopes up, eh?

What Users Are Saying

Anonymous user from Moscow cleverly picks up on the whole dotFree Group scheme:

I found some informations on Internet that are saying that this is only a phishing site and that this is used to stole "bitcoins", that has the malware "Kelihos botnet" and some other things, so try by your own risk!

沸漠 from China posits:


We couldn't agree more with your point, Fei Mo, but Kovel, as the rest of us, still remains with high expectation:

It is a pity that they have no possibility to finish their very great business with domain FREE. I've pre-registrated some very super-wow domains, and hope I shall have them with money or free soon, in a little time. Such very cool domains must live and be in used! The name of domain is simply wow! I shall wait for their site to open again. Thanks to them and all the best and investor with financial support.