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Supports IDN true
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CU.CC iswas a relatively new free sub-domain provider, but the website corresponds to the likes of CZ.CC (later UNI.ME) and CO.TV (now defunct).

The website runs a DNSeed domain registrar script. Google query "" returns zero spam results, possibly due to their 24-hour abuse report response policy, which is important if you don't want your website to be marked as in bad domain neighborhood.

While it's still fresh, a newcommer like CU.CC might be a reasonable alternative now that the more established free subdomain provider CO.CC went down. The owner is a friendly young chap called Mike, and he will ensure your website remains alive for as long as you keep it. We're also fairly confident he has ties with the infamous Byethost.

CU.CC also runs an affiliate program, so you can recommend the free domain service to your friends and earn $0.15 per qualified signup.

No Longer Available
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What Users Are Saying

Straight forward registration with ability to support third party ads on your website or disable it.

JamesTheAwesomeDude says:

Perfect – an astounding selection of DNS record options, an unobtrusive suffix, and speedy propagation. Everything I've been looking for in a free domain boils down to this. Highly recommended for all applications β€” hobby or commercial. There's only one sad part: it's not a TLD. BUT the only free TLD registrar is a scam anyway. So this is the best ever!

Eric, again, offers his musings:

An excellent service. Creating an account was a snap, and so was reserving a sub-domain and editing its records. This service offers basic, intermediate, and advance control of your registered sub-domains; both newbies and experienced users alike will enjoy this service. The greatest part of all is that it is freeβ€”absolutely free, with no strings attached! I highly recommend it.

Doesn't support URL forwarding without DNS. Other than that, it is awesome.

This one user from Canada raises valid concerns:

What about after two years? There is only a 2-year option for free registration. Do we need to pay after 2 years?

Suspicious Guy Greg describes his bad experience:

Seeing it listed here, I followed the directions to register a domain for myself at I have never done anything like this before.

Unfortunately, as soon as I went to log in, I was told "Your account is suspicious. If you think your account should be accepted please email to admin[at]!" That doesn't give me much to go on. Of course, I think my account should be accepted, so I sent an email, from the email address I used to register. It's a little frustrating to register, and have an account where none of the functions work, because "you're suspicious", without being told why. I don't know if or when I'll be able to use the domain I registered.

UPDATE: Claimed that account is suspicious, wouldn't activate. They say if you want to contest it, write an email. Have written multiple emails over two weeks, no response.

Very poor service.

Then finally, some time in 2018:

Vanished totally & without warning weeks ago.

Tried contacting main domain's contact, got no reply.

My (sub) domains from there vanished when their site went down & I've had to deal with lost daily emails & other changes.

The service was OK when it existed - but by now it seems to be gone permanently.

Yes, the inevitable end of all human work and aspirations.