Free Subdomain .SLX.NL

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Our Rating 😞😞
User Rating
Extra Suffixes
Free Domains 10
Years Active 22
Geo-targetable 🇳🇱
Is Indexed? true
Is TLD? false
Supports IDN true
Notes Reactivation e-mail every 6 months.
DNS Records A, CNAME, MX
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These free .nl subdomains are courtesy of a small domain registrar from the Netherlands. Having a .nl suffix, they aren't geotargetable, but they're nice if you are building a site geared toward the residents of Holland.

They don't allow specifying an own set of nameservers; only on-site DNS zone management is possible, that with A, CNAME, and MX record, which are updated only every hour. The website is in Dutch.