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Years Active 12
Geo-targetable true
Is Indexed? true
Is TLD? false
Supports IDN true
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USA.CC iswas a short-term player who provided free US-friendly domain names through a clean and speedy Django-powered website interface, which had been hacked a couple of times and redirected to malware/parked domain advertisements.

They also offer URL cloaking (they call it URL forwarding, which it technically isn't), custom nameservers, and zone management. Latest, they introduced free DNS hosting, so you can host DNS records for your own domains with them. Hopefully, they will add even more features and find a way to sustain their service without redirecting part of their traffic to spam adverts.

No Longer Available
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What Users Are Saying

Great service! Less than 1 minute and all the worldwide DNS knows my domain!

In October, Molly Brown from sunny Florida also sent in her lovely poem: sucks
emailed them 6 times to ask 1 question
no reply
sure its free to sign up
how much will they charge 2nd year
after I work hard to promote the name
these guys hide behind a proxy
domain service
be ware ........................................

To which USA.CC admin personally responds:

Dear Molly Brown,

I acknowledge that we had minor email issues, this is probably the reason why we didn't get your emails. Everything is fixed now and if you have any questions, please let me know.

With your other points, these are completely false allegations, nobody is hiding anything and the service is FREE so there is nothing to be aware of. We are even willing to work closer with everyone with honest intentions and provide more than 5 FREE domains on demand after reviewing every case. We are looking for cooperation with you!

Johan from Sweden says:

Hello if i get this domain you save my life so i can do this better domains but please give this domains to me please please please i have this i have money not been killed please them kill me other ! Betwen us you give me domain and i give you better life ?

You'd be crazy to want this, Johan.