Free Domain .CF

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Suffix .cf
Our Rating 😐😐😐
User Rating 😊😊😊😊
Extra Suffixes
Free Domains
Years Active 11
Geo-targetable 🇨🇫
Is Indexed? true
Is TLD? true
Supports IDN true
Notes Same policy as Dot TK.
DNS Records A, CNAME, MX, NS
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Since mid-January 2023, all Freenom-based domains are down and not available. Read about it on .tk domain page.

It is most likely Central African Republic will do the same as its African allies Gabon, Equatorial Guinea and Mali and shut down the free domain service.

Find free .cf domain alternatives on the home page.

Free domain Dot .CF is, along with .ml, .ga, .gq, and .tk offered by Freenom, partnered with Central Africa's SOCATEL.

Free .cf domain is recognized to have an important social impact on the lives of people in the Central African Republic. The mission of both SOCATEL and the Dot .CF Registry is to increase the use of internet in the Central African Republic and the awareness of the Central African Republic in the world. Dot .CF directly funds SOCATEL's efforts to improve the population's access to internet.

You can't register "special" domain names (short, common words like, etc.), but everything else, including emoji and IDN domains, is available on first-come-first-served basis.

According to the website, Dot .CF can handle millions of domain registrations and is fully secure. It's just so curious none of the Freenom-run registries are currently served over HTTPS. 🤭

Note, since the free domains are managed by Freenom, you should know it has had some mixed reviews in the past. Check out Dot .TK page for a more thorough review of Freenom, and also glance over the user-submitted comments below.

No Longer Available
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What Users Are Saying

Anonymous user is not impressed due to apparent DNS issues:

Unable to register domain since yesterday (number of attempts) using own DNS providers. I have created domains in ClouDNS, everything is fine (checked using dig), but complains: "This nameserver is not valid" (yes, it is, it's provided both in SOA and NS fields).

Too bad. I am going to look for something else.

Can0r, on the other hand, saying:

Didn't have any troubles with own DNS-servers.

seems to have had experienced no such DNS issues. KnotJustAScarf wrote:

I got my .cf domain for free back when they had just started, and my site is going great now. :) I did have a bit of trouble registering, because the site wouldn't load correctly and so on at Freenom, but some refreshing or going back the next day was fine. I guess you can't have everything if it's free.

We guess so too. Yet, our favorite and well-rounded impression is by Ole Juul:

Over a period of several days, I've spent about 6 hours trying to figure out how to get the freenom registration page to not go around in circles. I'm not sure what the problem is, but perhaps it needs a special version of client software or a Windows computer. In any case, I don't think this offer is available to everyone. It is, of course, possible that it is just a badly written site, but that does not bode well for their services in general.