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Suffix .ga
Our Rating 😐😐😐
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Years Active 11
Geo-targetable 🇬🇦
Is Indexed? true
Is TLD? true
Supports IDN true
Notes Same policy as Dot TK.
DNS Records A, CNAME, MX, NS
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Since mid-January 2023, all Freenom-based domains are down and not available. Read about it on .tk domain page.

UPDATE: On 3 June 2023, ANINF, the National Agency for Digital Infrastructure and Frequencies of the Gabonese Republic, took over full management of the registry and its national TLD .ga. They will be assisted in switching the back-end registry operator by Afnic, the French Network Information Centre. In a document, ANINF states that:

due to Freenom's unsatisfactory service for the .ga TLD, Gabon ended their contract and took back control of their national TLD to ensure reliable digital tools for businesses, associations, institutions, and individuals, aligned with the country's thriving economic importance in Central Africa.

This is the end for Freenom. Find free .ga domain alternatives on the main page.

Free domain My .GA is, like .cf, .ml, .gq, and .tk an offering by Freenom and its partnered third-world countries. .ga is a TLD for Gabon, a Central African country of mostly parks and rainforests whose national agency for numbers and frequencies (ANINF) opened it up to increase awareness of Gabon accross the globe. Century after century, Africa keeps on giving.

Keep in mind the mixed reviews of Freenom who is the root registry that manages free .ga domains. Make sure you have a good and promising website and that you can expect a steady but not overwhelming stream of web traffic if you want to maintain ownership of free .ga domain successfully. Also check Freenom's reviews on Dot.TK domain page and in the comments below.

No Longer Available
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What Users Are Saying

Anonymous user wrote:

They stole my domain after getting traffic and then directed it to advertising.

Our dearest sympathies, but they hadn't stolen anything truly yours, Anon.

Eric is more favorably disposed:

Joining was a pain; I had to go through Freenom. Freenom's website is visually appealing, but is incredibly sluggish and has some broken pages (a particular login page, for example, had a broken jQuery link, which rendered the page useless). They took a while to send out confirmation e-mails, too.

Despite some initial pains, it was smooth sailing once I was in the domain manager. I created two A records with ease, both of which were immediately functional after creation. The actual domain itself is pretty slick, is responsive, and functions just like a dot-com or dot-net domain would.

If it had not been for the intricate process of joining, I would have given this five out of five stars. All in all, I recommend you give it a try.