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Suffix .ml
Our Rating 😐😐😊
User Rating 😞😞
Extra Suffixes
Free Domains
Years Active 11
Geo-targetable 🇲🇱
Is Indexed? true
Is TLD? true
Supports IDN true
Notes Same policy as Dot TK.
DNS Records A, CNAME, MX, NS
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Since mid-January 2023, all Freenom-based domains are down and not available. Read about it on .tk domain page.

UPDATE: Mali's national Agence des Technologies de l'Information et de la Communication released on their NIC website the following statement:

As of July 19th, 2023 the .ml ccTLD registry is in transition of back-end registry systems and day-to-day operations.

Data provided by Freenom has been imported into the AGETIC registry.

Sadly, they haven't transferred free domains …

More free .ml domain alternatives on the main page.

Free TLD Dot .ML is, like .cf, .ga, .gq, and .tk an offering from Freenom and its national partners. .ml is a TLD for Mali, which was the first African country to give away top-level domains for free, with the goal of encouraging internet use and improving knowledge of the local IT industry. And thus we all get to exploit mother Africa in yet another way.

Since the free domain registration is managed by Freenom, keep in mind its mixed reviews. Only quality websites can expect to keep the domain active for longer periods. Be sure to acquint yourself with Freenom's review on Dot .TK page and the several user-submitted comments below.

In primarily computer terms, "ML" nowadays most often stands for "machine learning" (and also for "markup language"; both are huge fields), so this free domain could make sense for related open-source software projects.

What Users Are Saying

Unbiased reviews paint a not too pretty picture. Mike complains:

The domain is a SCAM, same scheme as the .TK one.

I was able to register a few (3) very short and with sense (4 letters) domain names for free. I also bought hosting, so I had some expenses too.

The next day the domains were canceled, and they didn't give me any kind of explanation, even after a few emails. I have dug around the web, and I am positive that they are the same company behind the .TK, and .GA domain registrant. Also, my research showed that they abuse their authority, so if you create a good domain name for free, or if you create a domain that attracts a lot of visitors, after some time, they will delete your registration, and they will abuse your legit domain, with a great and negative repercussion for any company that started the original domain and business. So, the really honest opinion is: STAY AWAY as much as you can.

Advice: Buy a regular domain, paid for it some bucks and be happy with no issues. At the end, the free stuffs are always the most expensive.

Well, Mike, apparently you should have checked their TOS: short, four-letter domains are reserved and premium, not to mention Freenom reserves the right to remove any domain as they please.


I had registered three .ML domains, but they removed all of those in three days without notice. I chose 'use original DNS' for those 3 domains when registering. I also tested registering one .ML domain with 'URL forwarding' which shows their favicon, and I still have it active even though more than two months had passed since original registration.

DNS nameserver won't change. I made 3 accounts: .ml , .cf & .tk — none of them worked with either host.

I set up my webserver and forwarded a domain to my public IP. But now they have given the domain name to someone else? This is bs and really just unproffesional!

Then, there's a seemingly on the whole positive review by Eric:

Signing up for the free domain was a bit tedious. Perhaps it was just a fluke on my end, but the parent website was laggard when I visited it. I suppose the actual signing up for the domain part was simple, but the steps to get there were a bit cumbersome; this is mostly due to slow server response time during my visit.

I've had my domain now for two days, and so far all is well! It is quick, ad-free, and works just like a dot-com or dot-net domain name! Their DNS management tools are a breeze to use, and offer advance editing. I established an A record pointing to a private server of mine, and it began working soon after.

All in all, I've had a blast with my new domain name.

Try your luck?