Free Subdomain .IZ.RS

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Years Active 16
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Is Indexed? true
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Supports IDN true
Notes Several terms and conditions, required citizenship or affiliated with Serbia.
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IZ.RS is a free domain service under the Serbian domain namespace. It was created in response to excessive cost of the Serbian national domains (ccTLDs). The registrar is pretty strict in terms of acceptable use, and we suggest you read their terms of service carefully: you need to be a citizen or affiliated with Serbia, and the domain is manually approved (or rejected) by an administrator in the first "couple of weeks" after registration.

In order to use this domain, you need to configure a DNS zone record in advance on your target nameserver, which is the only detail you can specify.

In Serbian language, "Iz RS" literally means "from Republic of Serbia", so if you are interested in genuine business in Serbia or the region, this domain may work for you.

What Users Are Saying

Nelsa from Bosnia and Herzegovina confirms the service strictly adheres to its TOS:

This domain is only available for Serbian people and, second, it doesn't have own DNS server; it is hosted on " free dns", and the worst thing: it's listed as private, so it has the mark "pending", so at any time they can delete it, so back up your data — they delete every domain registered from non-Serbian.

Anonymous user from Serbia, however, is proud and reasonable:

After years of service, IZ.RS is rock solid.

Yes, their TOS is strict, but it's reasonable, as it is well-known how many people are ready to abuse any free service. Actually, that is a plus for people who need free but not compromised top-level domain.

Domains are in pending state only until they are approved. Domains are activated, visible and indexed by Google as soon as set by user.

It might be seen as a negative that the service is available only for Serbian-related websites, but, hey, it is under the national TLD, so that makes sense too.